Bar Franca is a Euro-style bar in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles,
where fine drinks and hospitality welcome visitors seeking an alternative to the expected.



We are the staff of Bar Franca, a group of interesting, skilled, and uniquely talented creative and hard-working individuals.  We believe in our craft, our craft cocktails but more importantly our hospitality. We share ideas with, listen to, and support each other.


We craft each cocktail with care and precision, asking questions and offering ideas to help each guest find a drink that serves their palate, while intriguing them to try something new.


We offer expertise without pretense.  We address each guest with respect and patience, trusting our instincts and best judgment to deliver a comfortable, yet refined experience.  At Bar Franca, we make guests feel right at home, even though they feel like they’ve walked into a dream.


We inspire guests to be their most charming, delightful selves— by expressing ourselves authentically and respecting others.  We believe you know the real thing when you see it. No gimmicks, no themes here-- just a well-rounded real bar for real people.


We believe that every night is an opportunity to inspire our guests’ sense of curiosity, comfortably.

We are welcoming, inventive and refined.  
We are creative, discerning, and curious.  
We celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity.


Bar Franca is a welcoming space for those who seek uniqueness & quality— we do not copy or skimp.
Bar Franca represents the joy of discovery, and transformation, from everyday to excellent.
Bar Franca is a stylish new vision for Downtown—a timeless portal to classics of the past, while staying in tune with the desires of today.  

🍒 Drinks and laughter, what comes after?  🍒